About Us

Plants Unlimited, Inc. was started 45 years ago by Nancy Goldstein and John Goldstein in Moraga, CA.  A few years later we moved the business to San Lorenzo, Ca. and were there until the early 2000's. Currently, we are located in Castro Valley, Ca. and continue to sell wholesale plants, as well as design and 
service interior and exterior landscapes throughout the Bay Area. 

PIA Award
Read the speech John gave when 
accepting            Nancy admiring a Ficus Benjamina at    
this award on his mom's behalf here.                       the nursery in San Lorenzo.
 Interiorscape rush pushed Nancy and John Goldstein into a multi-million dollar business......

Nancy Goldstein vowed that getting into the horticulture business was the last thing she intended to do. "I was a doctor's wife, raising plants as a hobby. Now, we have a multi-million dollar company and all the responsibility that goes with it." 

When Nancy and her son John moved Plants Unlimited to San Lorenzo, CA., it wasn't your standard greenhouse business. Nancy had been dabbling in interiorscaping since 1969 and John  was growing plants for her use. John was fixing neighbors landscaping and producing plants while he was in night school.

Then, almost overnight, the interiorscape industry took off and demand for the Goldsteins' acclimated Ficus and exotics for interiors put them in the wholesale business in a big way.  The 100,000 square foot greenhouse thrived in the 1980's and 90's with an array of exotic plants that the interiorscapers loved. Because the interiorscapers had great success with the acclimated foliage, retail nurseries began to covet the products as well.  

Nancy lost her battle with Diabetes in 1997, but her heart and soul live on in her business. The San Lorenzo facility closed in the early 2000's but the business still continues to grow in Castro Valley, CA. 

  Our entry into the                                                                           
  San Mateo County fair 
  made the cover of the               The Atrium at Skywalker  
  phone book in 1983.                          Ranch in Novato, CA....